Why Solar Energy?

1. Bill Savings

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With Solar Energy, you can stop renting your electricity from the utility and take the steps to owning your electricity. Self generating electricity is reliable, and affordable. Find out how.

2. Great Investment

Home Value Increase with Solar

Solar energy not only increases your home value (Zillow™ Study), it also is a hedge against utility rate increases. Our typical home owner sees an investment equivalent of 5-12% return with Solar.  

3. Environment

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Besides all the financial benefits making solar a great decision, solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of electricity. Solar can provide 25+ years of renewable energy.

Bill Savings 


With a solar electric system on your home or business, you can start producing your own electricity at a locked-in rate. 

Power bought from the local utility is always increasing in price. Imagine if you could have locked in gas/fuel prices in the early 2000's. You would still be paying only $0.98/ gallon.

Typical residential customers that buy upfront see their electricity less expensive by year 4-6. Financed customers see a lower electric bill at the first month.

Electric Bill Savings

Solar is investing 

Increase Home Value with Solar

Solar has been in the portfolios of many of the countries largest investment firms over the last decade. Why? because it is a reliable source of income at a moderate return rate. 

There is not many investments out there that are as safe as solar. Plus, it increases your homes value. Zillow™* did a study on homes sold with Solar, and all of them sold for more than the comparable homes that didn't have solar.

Homes with solar sell for 4.1% more, equivalent to a median home price increase of $9,274.

*Source- Zillow™ 


Helping Save The environment 

On top of all the great financial reasons to go solar, solar energy produces clean renewable energy from facilities that have all their electricity generated with solar. 

Solar energy systems/power plants do not produce air pollution, water pollution, or greenhouse gases. Using solar energy can have a positive, indirect effect on the environment when solar energy replaces or reduces the use of other energy sources that have larger effects on the environment.**

**Source- EIA.gov

Solar Panels with Kids Reflection