Average Cost of Solar in Whitefish, MT

The average cost of solar in Whitefish Montana is slightly higher than the national average and depends on the type of solar panel installation. 

True Cost vs. Upfront Cost

The upfront cost of solar isn't as relevant of a question as the question, how much more will electricity cost me from the utility?

Just as renting is giving your money away to a landlord, buying all your electricity from a utility is giving it away to the power company. If you compare a solar energy systems lifetime of service to the cost of the utility power  during that time period. It's super obvious which is a  better deal.

Below is an example of a large solar panel system near Whitefish, MT that is grid tied. The solar panels have a 25 year warranty, and over that 25 years this customer is saving $152,000 in electricity costs and increased home value. 

Cost of Solar- Whitefish, MT

Upfront Costs of Solar Panels

Each system is custom sized for your application and a typical residential solar panel system costs around $20,000 before any incentives. 

If you are looking for battery backup systems, the costs can increase. Its best to get a free solar analysis to see what is best for your needs. 

How much solar would you need?

Just submit your current electric bill and we can provide you with an accurate solar analysis.