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How Does solar Work?

Solar energy systems comprise of a few devices, solar panels, grid-tie inverter(s), and an electrical service. These devices work together to harness the energy the Sun casts on the panels, takes that DC electricity to the inverter, where it is transformed into a usable AC energy and distributed through your existing electrical system or sold back to the electric utility. 


GoingSolar™ isn't limited to rooftop installations, and in many cases ground mounts or solar carports may be best for your situation.  

What do you need to go solar?

In NW Montana, going solar for your home or business is allowed as long as the system is designed to safely interconnect and disconnect from the power companies grid. So to go solar, all you need is an electrical service. 

If you are building in a remote area, you may not even need the utility grid. However if you have the grid its the most economical, as you will not need to incorporate batteries. But, if you are building somewhere you need to pay large amounts of money to get the power to the building, then off-grid is a great option. 

In the past, GoingSolar™ meant paying large amounts of upfront money.


Now after partnering with private banks and businesses, Montana allows for financing solar systems.


Meaning you may not have to come up with thousands of dollars up front to install solar and get the Federal tax credit and other available incentives, like the state of MT tax credit of up to $1,000.00.

If you'd like to see if financing is right for you and what the rates are Click Here.

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How much Does solar Cost?

Cost depends primarily on how much power you use, and how many panels we can fit on your roof. In our Free Analyses we provide all the information you need to decide if solar is right for you. You can request a free analysis here.

Or select how much electricity you use, which can be located on your electric bill, or you can use the form below to submit your electric bill and we can help you with it. 


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*Due to varying utility rates between Flathead Coop, Northwestern Energy, Lincoln Coop, and others. It's most accurate to discuss your situation with one of our experts or by submitting your info for a Analysis or by submitting your electric bill. This ensures we are able to accurately convert your bill from dollars to kilowatt hours. 


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