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What Does Solar Cost?

Utility Bills increasing

Electricity Prices

Electricity prices from the utility are only getting more expensive and solar energy systems are much cheaper. Today, electricity produced from solar energy is far more less expensive than buying it from the utility. Get your Free Analysis.


 There are also several different ways of paying for your solar energy system. We can help guide you through all of those paths in choosing what is best for you and your situation. 

The US Energy Information Administration provides the historical and future trending of electricity. Check it out at EIA.gov.

Solar Costs

Solar energy systems consist of several different items such as the solar panels, inverter, optimizers, install, design, etc. Check out the in-depth Cost the SEIA has put together.

Over the last decade solar energy prices have come down significantly. And over the last few years, solar has started to level off, and is being priced by market demand. With residential solar now very competitive with the utility, it comes down to how you want to purchase your less expensive solar energy.

Solar Costs Decreasing Graph
Solar on Kalispell Home

What's my Cost?

There is no debating, solar saves customers thousands of dollars on their electric bill after paying for itself. So your cost depends on your choice of purchase and type of install. Most taxpayers and businesses qualify for the 26% tax credit which will be lowered in 2023.

You can purchase your system upfront, or we can help you finance your system so the monthly cost is similar to the electric bill you are offsetting. When financed, you're making a similar payment you'd be paying the utility except that with solar, you're increasing your home value and investing in the future of free electricity.

A typical home return on investment is 4-7 years, and a business is 3-5 years. The solar energy panels come with a 25 year warranty, making the system very reliable and durable.

Find OUt your Exact Cost?

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